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Photo 4 of 11Kent County Map (wonderful Kent County Section 8  #4)

Kent County Map (wonderful Kent County Section 8 #4)

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Kent (kent),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. James, 1763–1847, U.S. jurist.
  2. Rock•well  (rokwel′, -wəl),USA pronunciation 1882–1971, U.S. illustrator and painter.
  3. William, 1685–1748, English painter, architect, and landscape gardener.
  4. a county in SE England. 1,445,400;
    1442 sq. mi. (3735 sq. km).
  5. an ancient English kingdom in SE Great Britain. See map under  Mercia. 
  6. a city in NE Ohio. 26,164.
  7. a town in central Washington. 23,152.
  8. a male given name: from the Old English name of a county in England.


coun•ty1  (kountē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -ties. 
  1. the largest administrative division of a U.S. state: Miami, Florida, is in Dade County.
  2. one of the chief administrative divisions of a country or state, as in Great Britain and Ireland.
  3. one of the larger divisions for purposes of local administration, as in Canada and New Zealand.
  4. the territory of a county, esp. its rural areas: We farmed out in the county before moving to town.
  5. the inhabitants of a county: It was supposed to be a secret, but you told the whole county.
  6. the domain of a count or earl.

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