TEJN Rug - IKEA ( Faux Sheepskin Rug Idea #3)

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TEJN Rug - IKEA ( Faux Sheepskin Rug Idea #3)

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rug (rug),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a thick fabric for covering part of a floor, often woven of wool and often having an oblong shape with a border design. Cf.  carpet. 
  2. the treated skin of an animal, used as a floor covering: a bear rug.
  3. [Chiefly Brit.]a piece of thick, warm cloth, used as a coverlet, lap robe, etc.
  4. toupee;
  5. cut a rug, [Older Slang.]to dance, esp. to jitterbug.
ruglike′, adj. 

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