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Parole Officers And State Probation . ( Atlanta Probation Office #11)

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    • such release or its duration.
    • an official document authorizing such a release.
    • the promise, usually written, of a prisoner of war, that if released he or she either will return to custody at a specified time or will not again take up arms against his or her captors.
    • (formerly) any password given by authorized personnel in passing by a guard.
  2. word of honor given or pledged.
  3. (in U.S. immigration laws) the temporary admission of aliens into the U.S. for emergency reasons or on grounds considered in the public interest, as authorized by and at the discretion of the attorney general.

  1. to place or release on parole.
  2. to admit (an alien) into the U.S. under the parole provision: An increased number of Hungarian refugees were paroled into the United States.

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