Fauteuil Chair #6 Armchair (fauteuil à La Reine) (part Of A Set)

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Photo 6 of 11Fauteuil Chair  #6 Armchair (fauteuil à La Reine) (part Of A Set)

Fauteuil Chair #6 Armchair (fauteuil à La Reine) (part Of A Set)

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fau•teuil (fōtil; Fr. fō tœyə),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -teuils 
    (-tilz; Fr. -tœyə).USA pronunciation 
  1. [Fr. Furniture.]an upholstered armchair, esp. one with open sides. Cf. bergère.


chair (châr),USA pronunciation n. 
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  6. (in an orchestra) the position of a player, assigned by rank;
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  7. the chair, See  electric chair. 
  8. chairlift.
  9. See  sedan chair. 
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